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Top 5 Loose powders Under Rs 1000

The loose powder doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and does a great job of setting the makeup. Since they are transparent by nature, loose powders also go by the name translucent powders. Your face makeup stays put on all day long thanks to loose setting powder, which also gives you that just-applied appearance. It comes in a loose shape, as the name implies, as opposed to a pressed form. Even on days when you don’t want to wear foundation, you can still use it to give your face coverage while going for a natural, minimal look. These work incredibly well for establishing makeup bases and baking.

Setting powder extends the wear of your makeup to 7 to 9 hours, whereas compact powders only last 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, it is ideal to use loose powder to set your base makeup so that it lasts a very long time. Loose powders are also available in a variety of hues, allowing you to select one that complements the tone of your skin. These Loose powders are under Rs 1000 and from affordable brands and are available for reasonable prices.


1. Bharat & Dorris Loose Powder

Top 5 Loose powders Under Rs 1000
Bharat & Dorris Loose Powder


There are several different shades of Bharat & Dorris loose powder from which to pick. The texture of this loose powder is silky and smooth. It has a very matte finish. This will extend the longevity of your cosmetics and is priced affordably for such a large tub. The Bharat and Dorris loose powder packing is not uniform. The powder can easily be removed from the sieve in between, however, it stays up fairly well without leaking anyplace.

Key Highlights :

1. Priced range of 675/- Rs for 30 g.

2. Helps in controlling oil, gives Matte finish

3. Micro-fine in texture, easy to blend.


Shop Here : Nykaa

2. Pac Translucent Loose Powder

Top 5 Loose powders Under Rs 1000
Pac Translucent Loose Powder

Another reasonably priced loose powder with a variety of hues is Pac Translucent. There are numerous hues available. This translucent powder has a very smooth and delicate feel about it. So, this translucent powder is suitable for usage on all skin types. The translucent powder package comes with a mirror and a cloth sifter inside. The powder simply emerges from the sieve. You may also get a tiny version of this.

Key Highlights :

1. Priced at Rs 595 /-

2. Comes in 12 different shades.

3. Blurs the appearance of pores to give perfect security to base makeup.


Shop Here : Nykaa

3. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Mineral Loose Powder

Top 5 Loose powders Under Rs 1000
Faces Canada Ultime Pro Mineral Loose Powder

A fantastic, reasonably priced setting powder to seal your makeup is the faces Canada Ultime mineral loose powder. Although this loose powder has a mattifying effect, it also feels lightweight on the skin. This powder, therefore, works well for skin types with oily skin. This loose powder comes in a distinctive package. It has an applicator that resembles a puff and is attached to the cap; within, there is a sifter for the powder to fall through.

Key Highlights :

1. Priced at Rs 649/-

2. Provides light to medium coverage.

3. Comes with a spill-proof easy-to-use applicator.


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4. Kay Beauty HD Loose powder

Kay Beauty HD Loose powder


This is one of the best affordable loose powders on the Indian market. This loose powder just kills it in terms of packaging, performance, and finishing! The powder is removed from the sifter that is within the container, which contains one. The powder has an incredibly delicate and smooth feel. It fuses seamlessly and rests so comfortably on the skin.

Key Highlights :

1. Price ranges from 630 to 720 Rs.

2. Comes in 8 different shades.

3. Gives a soft matte finish and a subtle filter effect on the skin.


Shop Here : Nykaa

5. Makeup Revolution Luxury Makeup Powder

Makeup Revolution Luxury Makeup Powder

This powder is also smooth and gentle. It has a smooth, matte appearance. However, the product’s packaging won’t appear to be particularly outstanding. If you attempt to apply a lot of layers to your skin type, which is drier, your skin may appear rather matte and dry.

Key Highlights :

1. Priced at Rs. 950/-

2. Lightweight, smooth texture

3. Cruelty-free.


Shop Here :Nykaa

Therefore, these are our top picks for Top affordable Loose powders Under Rs 1000. If you’re seeking the most budget loose powders, we sincerely hope you found this post to be helpful.


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